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Yes. KiviCare is designed to work with any WordPress theme.
No. our front-end is built in Vue JS. Sourcecode of which is not included in the FREE plugin. You can get the extended license of PRO version for Vue JS source code
Support for the KiviCare Free version is only via Documentation and Video Guides
Yes, KiviCare is built for the ecosystem. Each product is inter-compatible.
No, WordPress theme included only "KiviCare Pro" plugin and Zoom Addon. For other Addons you'll have to buy separately
Standard license of plugin does not include VueJS source code. With Extended License you get the VueJS source files.
Our KiviCare plugin is secure and follow all best practices to ensure privacy and protection of data. However, we don't claim ourselves to be HIPAA compliant because our plugin is installed on Client's server which is beyond our choice and control.
No. KiviCare is a clinic management solution and not an advertising product. It helps to manage your clinic better and offers a seamless experience to your patients.
KiviCare is the self-hosted clinic management solution, just install & use so there is no need to transfer data anywhere. Get full self-control over your data safety.
Yes surely. Install KiviCare Doctor Patient Clinic Appointment WordPress Plugin it will be ready to work for you. Also, if you want more functionality like video consultation etc then view other KiviCare products.
Yes, Our team will do customization as per your requirements.
Once you buy the solution, you are automatically entitled to all updates for free.
Sure! You can start a free version by clicking here and following the steps. You can purchase a paid version once you discover the immense value KiviCare by Iqonic Design adds to your Clinic. Here’s a Premium version of all the KiviCare products.
Our customer support team is always ready to help you. You can contact the support team with any queries via email at or via our support portal Desky Support

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